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Balan Architect has an established record of success in the fields of traditional architecture and luxury design. Our projects elevate and distinguish the communities and markets they inhabit in many of the most prestigious locales in the New York area and beyond.

As a service to our clients and the cultures they represent, we maintain a studio tradition of investigation and analysis in order to deliver designs whose suitability and appropriateness appear to have been inevitable. The Beaux Arts process of charette and esquisse are derived from a family history begun with the academy graduate, J William Schickel, and rely substantially on hand drawing and craft.

We would be delighted to begin our conversation about how we can best suit your needs throughout this process.

Our capabilities include:

  • Master Planning

  • New Design & Architecture

  • High-end Renovations & Additions

  • Commercial & Hospitality Design

  • Luxury Retail

  • Historical Restoration

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Architecture is the mother of the arts. Defining one's space is both the necessary prerequisite for culture and the ability to nurture and refine it. Moreover, in contrast to decorative and progressive styles, architecture, properly understood, is the language of building, whose intelligibility is timeless even as it gives birth to ever new expressions across history and expanse. Our approach to design is rooted in the understanding that there are natural laws that govern architecture to which we must adhere.

However, the heritage of beautiful buildings that are the human inheritance is a record of adaptation and innovation. Architecture is said to be a civic art because it requires the architect to collaborate with numerous parties and existing buildings. Our experience has shown that the best buildings are the result of our relationship with our clients.

We see our role as that of design experts equipped with the ability and passion to communicate and guide our clients through the often byzantine path of conceiving and constructing a new building. To that end, we offer the most value when we begin our service at the inception of your project. We look forward to serving you as you embark on that journey.

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